Ceilidh MacLeod
[kay-lee muh-kloud]

From her early days in a remote glen in Scotland to living in South Africa, Canada and eventually LA, the importance of connecting with others through storytelling and creating community has continued to guide Ceilidh. With a business degree in hand, she launched her career at RESAAS, a social network for Realtors, where she became VP of Growth - generating over 300,000 users, leading the development of their proprietary ad platform, while leading and pitching growth to investors.  She dove into digital advertising as the lead display and social advertiser at SHOES.COM, managing an annual budget over $3M, giving her the opportunity to test and scale performance opportunities. As Digital Director at The Hundreds, she lead a full-funnel team focused on organic marketing with an emphasis on storytelling in unique channels such as; the mobile app, push notifications, text messaging, and customer service - growing the 15-year online business by over 30% within her first year. Now, while running her own businesses, OEM (a healthcare products company) and b.Eautiful (a streetwear brand and platform for artists), Ceilidh provides consulting to brands on tailored strategy and growth opportunities, with an emphasis on the customer journey and the story that follows.

Co-Founder, OEM
Co-Founder, b.Eautiful
Co-Founder / Digital Consultant, Algae
Founder, Pool Theory

Past Positions:
Digital Director, The Hundreds
Online Marketing Specialist, SHOES.COM
VP of Growth, RESAAS

Past Clients:
Tilley Endurables
Herbivore Botanicals
Laundry Day
100 Thieves
Ulsi Omen